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Welcome to the registration for the
TANF recipient diaper program

If you are a current TANF recipient, please register here. If not, please register for one of our other diaper banks.


Feel free to email

with any questions or concerns

By pre-registering for a diaper bundle, the registrant is certifying that:

 1. They are either the head of household, parent of a child, relative caregiver, or fictive kin in the active TANF household -OR- the authorized representative as documented on the TANF case; and
 2. Those pre-registered are an active TANF child recipient between the ages of 0-5, or a TANF recipient at least six months pregnant on the active TANF case; and
 3. Have not received and agree they will not accept more than one PEAF diaper bundle per eligible child or unborn child of the pregnant mother; and

4. Understand that pre-registering does not confirm eligibility for the diaper bundle. Eligibility will be verified between the Agency (Subrecipient) and the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (Division). The pre-registrant will be notified of the final eligibility determination and location of pickup if applicable.
5. By submitting the pre-registration form, the registrant is giving express consent for the Agency (Subrecipient) to share all information provided with the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (Subrecipient) for the purposes of verifying eligibility to receive a PEAF diaper bundle and for coordination of services

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