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As Nevada's only consistent diaper bank resource, we are thrilled to expand our Diaper Bank Program to include our Mobile Diaper Bank!  The Baby’s Bounty Mobile Diaper Bank enables us to serve community members across rural Clark County who wouldn't otherwise be able to access this resource

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Let’s Go, Baby! 

Questions? Send email to

Q. How do I pick up diapers?

A. Arrive at the bank during the hours of operation.  Please bring a photo ID (state issued driver’s license or ID card, Nevada Work Card, employee ID, passport, green card, visa or international ID) and proof parental relationship (birth certificate, guardianship documents, adoption or foster paperwork) for each child. We will only be able to provide diapers to families with proper documentation and ID.  


Q. How many diapers will I receive and what brand are they?

A.  We cannot guarantee quantity nor brand but we strive to provide at least a week's supply of diapers and wipes for each child. 


Q. Can I pick up diapers for a friend or family member?

A. Regretfully, no.  You can only pick up diapers for children in your care


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