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The Diapers for Diplomas Program is an initiative to help parenting students attend or return to higher education to gain new skills, complete a degree or credential, have opportunities for meaningful, long-term career choices and advance in the workplace.


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Completing a college degree or certificate is one of the primary pathways to economic success but money is often a barrier to the completion of this.  78% of parenting students cited family responsibilities/finances as the number one challenge in pursuing their degree.

Through this program, qualifying parenting students will receive 200 diapers a month for a full academic year, thereby eliminating one more barrier to higher education.


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To be eligible to receive the Diapers for Diplomas program you must:

  • Be the parent or guardian of child(ren) who require diapers 

  • Be enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at UNLV, CSN, NSC, UNR or TMCC

For any questions, please email


The Diapers for Diplomas program requires students to… 

  • Complete and submit registration form

  • Provide proof of registration at UNLV, NSC, CSN, TMCC or UNR

  • Order your monthly diapers by close of business on the first of every month

  • Pick up your diapers every month from a designated location

  • Continue as a part-time or full-time student at one of the five

         colleges/universities listed above

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