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Our Mission

Baby's Bounty supports and empowers at-risk families by providing education and the essential tools to ensure a good start for every baby

Our History

Founder Kim Amato established Baby’s Bounty® in July of 2008  after witnessing the impact of homelessness on families with young children. Kim began researching how often newborns were released from the hospital without the proper supplies for their health, safety, and well-being. Hospital staff and Clark County caseworkers confirmed that, in fact, many families were being discharged without the resources to provide basic necessities such as clothing, diapers, a car seat, and a crib. When Kim started collecting items to create Baby Bundles from her living room, Baby’s Bounty was born! In operation for 15 years, Baby's Bounty also operates recurring diaper banks in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno/Sparks as well as Mobile Diaper Banks throughout rural Clark County.  In 2023, Baby's Bounty launched Diapers for Diplomas, an initiative in partnership with six of Nevada's higher education institutions, in order to make college more accessible for parenting students.  

What We Do

Diapers for Diplomas

We know for sure that when parents are forced to choose between diapers and tuition, diapers will win every single time. The Diapers for Diplomas Program is an initiative created to take that choice off the table. Students who are also parents often need help to return to higher education to gain new skills, complete a degree or credential in order to have opportunities for meaningful, long-term career choices, and advance in the workplace. 

Parenting students enrolled at one of our partnering NSHE institutions (UNLV, UNR, NSC, CSN, TMCC, DRI) can apply to receive free diapering supplies for a full calendar year. 

Baby Bundle

Our Baby Bundles are truly a "Baby Shower-In-A-Bag!" Each bundle includes a portable crid with a safe sleep kit, an infant regulation car seat, a bathtub, clothing, towels, washcloths, sleepsacks, receiving blankets, bibs, a baby book, a toiletry kit including baby wash, baby lotion, diaper cream, diapers and wipes. We also offer breast feeding items or formula by request.


Our Safe Sleep and Baby Basics class is a critical component of our program and is required in order to qualify for a baby bundle. We discuss important topics such as safe sleep practices, SIDS prevention, basic infant care, the importance of self-care, symptoms of postpartum depression and much more.


We have provided over 10,000 clients with the tools and education to empower them to take the best possible care of their newborn.

Diaper Banks

Our recurring Diaper Banks in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Northern Nevada were created out of the tremendous need that we saw as a result of the pandemic.  

Since May of 2020, we have distributed over 3.5 million diapers and 7 million wipes to 40,000 needy families in Nevada.  Diaper Bank attendees report that without the support, some of them would have to make the heartbreaking choice between buying diapers and buying food. 

Recently proclaimed by the City of Las Vegas and the Governor of Nevada, we are the ONLY consistent diaper resource in Nevada. 

Click here to donate to our Diaper Bank

Diapers for Disasters

Baby's Bounty is proud to provide relief efforts to people experiencing diaper need due to natural disasters, conflict or displacement. When times are uncertain for families, we are committed to working with partner agencies on the front lines to get help where it's needed, whether domestically or internationally. We strive to serve as many families and children in need as possible and help where we can, when we can.  

"I am a 25 year old student at UNLV and a mother of three beautiful children. I would like to comment how I was inspired by your mission helping impoverished families who have just been gifted the most precious thing they'll ever be given, a baby. I had my daughter at 16 and was homeless. The feeling of hopelessness like I experienced should not be in the minds of mothers but instead should be enjoying the blessing they've just received. Thank you for all that you do!"

Makayla P

Changing Lives-01.png


"I sure am grateful for your kind generosity and care for my daughter’s well being. The Pac & Play (we received) is BRAND NEW and is so adorable. I love it. These gifts made me tear up to think how loving and thoughtful Baby’s Bounty has been to my daughter and I. I send you great thanks and endless love! God bless you always."

Jennie H

"I would have struggled to provide these items for my child. Baby’s Bounty has helped us graciously and we are truly appreciative for this and the things we’ve received. Thank you all soo much!"

Layni R

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