What We Do

Safe Sleep & Baby Basics Class

Sponsored by REMSA, our twice-weekly classes are a crucial -- and mandatory -- piece of our program. Here we discuss important topics such as safe sleep practices, SIDS & SUIDS prevention, basic infant care, the importance of self-care, symptoms of postpartum depression, and so much more!

Provide 'Baby Bundles'

Our Baby Bundles are truly a "Baby Shower-In-A-Bag!" From clothing and hygiene items to diapers and wipes to car seats and portable cribs, we provide our clients with all the necessities for their newborn's health, safety, and well-being! 

If you, or someone you know, is in need, please review our Program Requirements for more information.


Collaborate with over 200 Partner Agencies

Our Partner Agencies are highly effective community organizations working to ensure that the most vulnerable families have access to resources to properly care for their children.

A caseworker must submit a referral form for each client who is pregnant* or has given birth within the last six months. Currently, we accept referrals from these agencies

Caseworkers, if your agency is not listed, contact us to schedule an agency interview.

*NOTE: if your client is pregnant, she must be within 30 days of delivery before a referral will be accepted.*







Baby’s Bounty™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supplies infant essentials to disadvantaged families with a new baby. EIN #: 26-2678979

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